The Top 5 Television Intro Credits Sequences

Television Series’ intro sequences tend to be varied these days, mostly depending on network and genre. While many of the big networks opt for a simple title card with special typography, some intro sequences are truly noteworthy and innovative. The most intriguing credits are those made up of footage shot exclusively to compile it, representing an overall theme, visual aesthetic, sound and genre.

Below are my top 5 TV credits sequences:

5. Elementary

All objects. The music is everything. Enough said.

4. The Americans

The Americans quick and quirky opening consists of Soviet-to-America equivalents, from kids playing in the backyard to national monuments. It greatly exposes the double identity of the main characters and could even be a clue to the mind-washing process the KGB agents must endure, not to mention some iconic 80s imagery.

3. Homeland

There is something crazy, or maddening about Homeland’s intro. Full of connotations regarding the American Government, the CIA, terrorists and the blindness of it all are juxtaposed against calming but thrilling Jazz music.

Be it tilted frames, the overlay of Barack Obama’s face within a Middle Eastern news broadcast or the colliding shadows over the squaky-clean Langley floors, this intro is the tip of the iceberg to The Agency’s reality.

2. Masters of Sex

I have not come across such concrete sexual metaphors since the ending of North by Northwest. It’s provocative, to say the least.

1. Boardwalk Empire

A work of art. The progression of this sequence as more and more bottles start to wash up ashore intertwined with fragments of Steve Buscemi’s figure is outstanding.

The dark but inviting tone of this intro accompanied by a captivating soundtrack make this a sequence I never skip on Sunday nights.

Got more suggestions? Let me know below.


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