The WB Network turns 20

Seems like Smallville, Everwood, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Felicity and other hit dramas from the Frog Network have been off the air for ages, but yesterday marked the 20th Anniversary of the Fifth Network.

The WB set out to conquer a generation on January 11th, 1995 with dramas aimed at a young demographic with TV big-shots like J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon, as well as up and coming stars such as Sarah Michelle Geller, Michelle Williams, Trent Williams and Chris Pratt.

While the network struggled to maintain itself in the ratings race at a time when cable and online outlets were going for a complete take over of the digital world, it created a footprint and established a framework for what young-adult dramas should be, as well as the an established definition of a cult following. The WB made us feel with its small-town dramas and endearing characters.

Ironically, the network launched one week before the UPN network from its rival Paramount Studios, and would, eleven years later, go on to merge to create the co-owned The CW network.

Here is a little piece of nostalgia from the WB’s 2004 upfronts to celebrate the network that defined a generation:

Also, it gave us deliciously goofy promos that crossed over casts from different shows along to unforgettable soundtrack; This is what the 00s were made of.


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