The What Box?

The boob tube,  the idiot-box,  the electronic babysitter. That magical thing sitting across your living room. Well, by now it could also be in your pocket, on the bed or your hands: Television.

I consume a large dosis of television. And coffee.  

TV Frenzy, I guess. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in TV & Film and have been admiring television since the beginning of the millenium; you name it, I’ve watched it.

I have written excessively about the influence of film on primetime television from the last decade and feel there is a lot of ground still left to cover. So much so, in fact, that I am dedicating this space to write intricate theories about anything and everything going on in TV land.  

Currently seeking: Anyone who’s ever seen a television show. Yes, you! Go ahead, join the fray.

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