Spoiler Alert! TVline.com’s Quest To Sell Exclusiveness Through Television’s Major Storylines

Spoiler Alert: The following article contains major spoilers on this past Sunday’s The Good Wife episode. Please read at your own risk.

Nothing is worse than having your much anticipated sunday show ruined for you by social media, in this case, the same websites and online magazines that cover entertainment articles. I am referring to the most damaging of all: TVline.com. While a usually good, well-received TV news and articles source, the breaking of a major spoiler through Twitter in order to sell viewers on exclusive TV interviews has got me thinking twice about what I choose to see on my Twitter Timeline.

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Netflix TV Shows On Demand

Netflix is Television’s Syndication of Our Generation

Syndication; or television’s purgatory. It’s not necessarily where TV series go to die but where they linger between this life and the next, through endless reruns during the twilight hours, in multiple languages and sometimes even the most abstract of channels. Continue reading →

Masters of Sex Intro

The Top 5 Television Intro Credits Sequences

Television Series’ intro sequences tend to be varied these days, mostly depending on network and genre. While many of the big networks opt for a simple title card with special typography, some intro sequences are truly noteworthy and innovative. The most intriguing credits are those made up of footage shot exclusively to compile it, representing an overall theme, visual aesthetic, sound and genre.

Below are my top 5 TV credits sequences:

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