Is The Good Fight Just A Network Show in Disguise?

It’s been a year since the events of The Good Wife, CBS’ high-profile and critically acclaimed legal drama that put Alicia Florrick in the middle of a political scandal. But The Good Fight isn’t about Alicia, but rather throws Diane Lockhart, Lucca Quinn, and Maia Rendell into a financial crisis that brings them together to a new law firm. This spin-off series locks onto Diane’s story of disarray, allowing the show’s political, financial and socio-economic topical events to fill in the gaps and create the backbone for the narrative.

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Top TV Shows of 2014

My Top TV Shows Of 2014

There are so many amazing TV Shows this year that it’s hard to just list the top 10 and hit the publish button. Quality television has been growing in every single aspect all over the place, from digital-only platforms to Network TV (I’m looking at you, The Good Wife) and this year is no exception. Too much good TV is actually a good thing, and if you still haven’t seen these you are definitely missing out.

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Spoiler Alert!’s Quest To Sell Exclusiveness Through Television’s Major Storylines

Spoiler Alert: The following article contains major spoilers on this past Sunday’s The Good Wife episode. Please read at your own risk.

Nothing is worse than having your much anticipated sunday show ruined for you by social media, in this case, the same websites and online magazines that cover entertainment articles. I am referring to the most damaging of all: While a usually good, well-received TV news and articles source, the breaking of a major spoiler through Twitter in order to sell viewers on exclusive TV interviews has got me thinking twice about what I choose to see on my Twitter Timeline.

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The Newsroom HBO

The Newsroom Picked Up For Third and Final Season: How HBO Is Breaking Its System

The Newsroom has been officially renewed for a third and final season by HBO, offering creator Aaron Sorkin a chance to wrap up all storylines. Or, at least, it would seem that way as the cable network breaks out of it’s own distribution system by cutting it’s life shorter than most of its offerings. Continue reading →

Masters of Sex Intro

The Top 5 Television Intro Credits Sequences

Television Series’ intro sequences tend to be varied these days, mostly depending on network and genre. While many of the big networks opt for a simple title card with special typography, some intro sequences are truly noteworthy and innovative. The most intriguing credits are those made up of footage shot exclusively to compile it, representing an overall theme, visual aesthetic, sound and genre.

Below are my top 5 TV credits sequences:

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Nikita Canceled 406

Goodbye, Nikita: TV Attachments, Cult-classics and Series Finales

Having just seen the excellent Nikita series finale I am taken back to all those little TV moments that cause us, the viewer, to form such an attachment to a show, it’s characters and their lives. Even more so than film, in which a 2-hour plot introduces us to its core characters and conflicts, a television series captivates the viewer throughout years, generating an even bigger emotional impact. Continue reading →

Welcome back, Veronica

Nearly six years after the cancellation of the cult favorite Veronica Mars, the TV Series is getting resurrected as the first studio film funded by the fans through a Kickstarter Campaign. After years of rejection from  Warner Bros., series-creator Rob Thomas has, at last, found a way to bring back Veronica back to our screens, mixing up alternative production and distribution models to prove it still has an audience.

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