Top TV Shows of 2014

My Top TV Shows Of 2014

There are so many amazing TV Shows this year that it’s hard to just list the top 10 and hit the publish button. Quality television has been growing in every single aspect all over the place, from digital-only platforms to Network TV (I’m looking at you, The Good Wife) and this year is no exception. Too much good TV is actually a good thing, and if you still haven’t seen these you are definitely missing out.

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Nikita Canceled 406

Goodbye, Nikita: TV Attachments, Cult-classics and Series Finales

Having just seen the excellent Nikita series finale I am taken back to all those little TV moments that cause us, the viewer, to form such an attachment to a show, it’s characters and their lives. Even more so than film, in which a 2-hour plot introduces us to its core characters and conflicts, a television series captivates the viewer throughout years, generating an even bigger emotional impact. Continue reading →

Welcome back, Veronica

Nearly six years after the cancellation of the cult favorite Veronica Mars, the TV Series is getting resurrected as the first studio film funded by the fans through a Kickstarter Campaign. After years of rejection from  Warner Bros., series-creator Rob Thomas has, at last, found a way to bring back Veronica back to our screens, mixing up alternative production and distribution models to prove it still has an audience.

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